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Life Cycles

Through the Science of Numerology, we can see how a person’s life is likely to develop through a series of cycles. There are several methods of approach that we use, I have chosen this method based wholly on the individuals date of birth and is called the “Pyramids of Life” method.
This is less complex to use enabling you to collate all your number combinations and allowing you to interpret your findings from the corresponding meanings.
(I myself combine this method as part of my guideline).

The Pyramids of Life Method.

This approach to life cycles deals primarily with “theme” energies that operate in the life of the individual in 9 year periods. It also shows us at which ages, different types of numerical influences will come to play.

When using this method, it is essential that you look at the date of birth from the perspective of Month, Day, and then the Year. Eg: (May 25th 1974) and that you reduce all numbers down to their base level, Eg: (2 + 5 + 5 +1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 33. 3 + 3 = 6)

This is an example for an individual born in the year 1974 and wants to find out what is the current year cycle vibration is having in the year 2013.

Date of Birth: 25th May 1974 to Year 2013
Step I: 2 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
So this individual is working on the vibrational energy of 9 for the year 2013.
Thus is preparing to finalise projects, closing some chapters from own life.
Once this is done, we can then construct a mathematical model that will show us the numerical influences that will operate during the life of the individual.
This is the Age Cycle Pyramid of an individual born
Eg: (2) May /25 / 1974 (Life path number) = 6
36 – 6 = 30 years of age
45 – 6 = 39 years of age
54 – 6 = 48 years of age
63 – 6 = 57 years of age
Thus this individual age cycle started at
(36 – 6 = 30) (45 – 6 = 39) (54-6 = 48) (63 – 6 = 57)

The 1st 9 year CycleHaving the vibration of number (3)

Starts at age of 30 and having the energy of Number 3 vibration ….. Thus short term travel, further learning of skills in communication and business dealings will feature in those nine years.

The 2nd 9 year CycleHaving the vibration of number (1)
Starts at the age of 39 and having the vibration of Number 1 Thus the individual is looking for a new direction by having gained control and power over past situations, within this cycle feels a sense independence and can start projects with confidence, (like go it alone motto ).

The 3rd 9 year CycleHaving the vibration of number (4)
Starts at the age of 48 by adding 3+1 thus having the vibration of 4 the individual here has established themselves and working hard to secure and construct a solid foundation for future stability, therefore dedication and commitment needed here in order to reach goals. Easy vibration to work with if you are enjoying your workload, however health may suffer so need to set aside time for rest as well.

The last year Cycle Having the vibration of number (8)
Starts at the age of 57 by adding the month and the year thus having the vibration of the Number 8, in this cycle the individual has gained the power and gained control in life by utilising the resources over the years, having said that …. There is also Karma balance to deal with here, and by this time once positive approach can reap due rewards.

So by combining the meanings of the numbers you can interpret the whole picture from the examples given above;

Hope I had given you enough to understand the basics of how Numerology works.

In the near future I shall be offering a Numerology Course in more depth Online .

For the serious student in numerology, however there is many books on the market on this subject, my new website will have an online book store soon and I shall list more suggestions accordingly, subject to availability.

Suggested works about Numerology;
(Numerology and The Divine Triangle) Faith Devine and Dusty Bunker.
(Your Days are Numbered) by Florence Campbell.
Also I would like to acknowledge and thank My Teacher Tony Drew whom I had learned so much from, in my early years of Metaphysical Discoveries.