Tarot Layouts


Before I start listing the cards I will show you some easy spreads to practice with, they are your first guidelines, you need to memorize their positions so your story will flow and start to make some sense to you or to the person you are reading for and always remember each time you do a reading and start to connect with the story you are not alone your own spirit guide is always beside you to help you convey your messages, the card images that you see in front of you is the language of the spirit guiding you mentally or clairvoyantly ( hearing or seeing  ) you may not experience in getting messages by hearing voices in your ears or seeing things but surely will get them mentally and this will take practice to discern the difference.








Ask a question (1only) at a time

Shuffle cards cut in three piles   (1 LEFT – 2 CENTER – 3 RIGHT)

Left pile is the past situation

Middle pile is the present situation

Right pile is the future situation

You may use this fast and easy to answer spread several times for different questions as long as you reshuffle

If for any reason you are not getting the answer you may need to rephrase your question or try again another day.



Ask a question (1only) at a time

Shuffle cards and layout in a fan shape

Select 5 cards only from the deck and place

On the table in an upside down horseshoe shape











Place      1st card bottom left

Place      2nd  card top left

Place      3rd  card center top beside (top left) & (top right)

Place      4th  card top right

Place      5th  card bottom right

Position  1    is the base of the situation

Position  2    is your expectation

Position  3    is what will actually happen

Position  4    is what you will or not accept

Position  5    is what you will end up doing



Ask what should you do type of a question

Shuffle cards and cut in piles of seven

Place each pile as follows:






















Pile   1   is the base of your question

Pile   2   is your recent past event about the situation

Pile   3   is your present handling of the situation

Pile   4   is your immediate future dealing of the situation

Pile   5   is your negative way to handle the situation

Pile   6   is your positive way you go about it

Pile   7   is your way in accepting the outcome.

(Advice of 5 or 6 will determine your answer)

With this spread you can extend the reading to gain more insight by reading any pile from the positions stated but do not attempt this unless you know your Tarot well as you end up with very confused answers and getting nowhere fast but with practice you may learn to understand the rules of the Tarot, as this is your beginning to learn to know the Tarot when you are ready to take the Tarot more seriously and if you live nearby you may contact me for class dates check our workshop pages to get more information.

Or you may contact us at     (openmindsmysteries@bigpond.com)




As there are many layout spreads to choose from practically every deck come with instructions and a few more layouts and most of them display the Celtic Cross layout this spread you need to be in a class situation to really help you understand it properly and purposely did not include this, it may seem easy to follow but this spread can also be extended and may present confusion to the beginner, it is most commonly used but experienced readers take it to an advanced level and can deliver excellent readings along with some other tools or intuition they acquired over the years.


The spreads that I selected above for you I have used and learned over the years and currently still use when I need some guidance myself, the number three layout can answer all your questions because lets face it basically all readings have the same questions

but different situations and people, you can experiment but don’t get carried away in demanding answer that you cannot get for people and best to steer away from people who make those demands on you by putting words in your mouth and bring you to agreeing with their desires when you know intuitively that is not what you see for them, overtime you will develop tact and diplomacy and you do not allow your intuition interfered with.


There are some excellent books about Tarot you can buy but again you will be better off to buy one or two versions to start with as if in the future you decide to do a Tarot course you will get given all your worksheets and all the modules that you need placed in a folder with all the Rider Waite interpretations.


When you select a Tarot deck always smudge with sage incense stick the first time you open them, also advisable after a few readings or when you feel uncomfortable about others touching them, wrap them up in a silk cloth or place in a Tarot bag.


Lighting a yellow candle (for communication) or white candle ( for cleansing and purifying) plus anointing them in the * spiritual oil together with some clear quartz crystals and then placed near you when doing a reading, it will help you to clear your mind from clutter and allowing you to remain focused to receive and communicate with your spirit guide.

*The spiritual oil can be smeared on to your temples or placed in an oil burner in your reading room prior to doing your readings.

See our Magical Oils in the Aromatherapy articles for more information on how to get the best use from our oil range.